A Denim Story

Double Denim is a trend that has been around for decades and is one that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. A lot of people assume that a denim-on-denim look is an absolute NO-NO, but when done right, it can look fabulous!

I mean if queens like Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker can rock the denim look in the 80s, then so can we!

I am a big fan of denim wear and this Madison On Peddar denim jacket has become a recent favorite of mine. It goes on pretty much anything from casual dresses to ripped jeans and I just love the stud details on it.

I got these sexy ripped jeans from AmericanEagle, when I went to USA recently and I have never owned a pair that has fitted me so perfectly! American Eagle has a collection of jeans called “Super Super Stretch” and they are perfect for curvy bodies like mine. I fit into a US size 6 which is my waist size and I am never able to buy this size in other brands as those jeans are not stretchy enough around my thighs. So, please go and check out this collection if you have trouble finding the perfect jeans like me!

Being a fan of the 80s fashion trends, I decided to wear these denims together with a simple grey tee and my Tommy Hilfiger sneakers for modern-retro denim look that was comfortable, casual and chic.  I added a pair of my round sunglasses to achieve the chill-retro vibe I was going for.

Get this look:
Denim Jacket – Madison On Peddar
Tee – American Eagle
Jeans – American Eagle
Sneakers – Tommy Hilfiger
Sunglasses – Gucci


What fashion trend of the 80s do you love? Do leave me your comments!

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