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All About The Dermalogica Facial at
The Artist Beauty Lounge

For those of you know me, I am obsessed with skincare and everything that could get me a natural glow without the use of makeup. The only way to accomplish this is to take really good care of our skin; doing the basic cleanse, tone and moisturize routine every day & night.

However, since none of us are professional skin therapists or dermatologists, there is only so much we can do. For this reason, it is extremely important to do a facial once every month at the least. Just how we detox our body, a facial does the same to our skin.

I recently went to Mumbai and the weather there just wreaked havoc with my skin. I got a horrible breakout with excess oiliness in my t-zone as well as patchy dry areas on my cheeks! I was in desperate need of a facial to re-balance my skin and that is when Reshu Malhotra suggested the Dermalogica Skin Treatment at her salon, The Artist Beauty Lounge.

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The Artist Beauty Lounge is a certified Dermalogica beauty salon with certified Dermalogica skin therapists. Dermalogica is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts. All the Dermalogica skin treatments are designed based on each person’s skin; therefore each treatment is different.


Dermalogica prescriptive treatment (AED 390)
Therapist Name: Rani


IMG_2980Entering the Artist Beauty Lounge always makes me feel at home. The staff is so courteous and offered me refreshments on arrival while I waited for the spa room to get ready for the treatment.

I was also given a Dermalogica Consultation Card to fill out, which asked me for details including what specific concerns I have with my skin and whether I have taken any prescriptive medications for acne. Once the therapist went through my form, it was time for us to start the treatment.

The Facial Process

The Treatment room was so cozy that I instantly felt relaxed. They gave me a robe to change into and a nice pink blanket so I wouldn’t be cold.

My face was first cleansed with a PreCleanse, which is a cleansing oil to dissolve all makeup and prep the skin for treatment. All Dermalogica treatments start with a double cleanse, so they cleansed my face again with the Special Cleansing Gel, which is soap-free and did not over dry my skin.
The next step was the Face Mapping (unique to Dermalogica treatments), where the therapist analyzed my skin under a microscope and light to determine the different zones of my skin and how to design a treatment to target all the concerns. Face Mapping is done every single time because your skin is different every time you come in. My skin was undoubtedly diagnosed as combination skin with slight acne. The therapist opted to do a Dermalogica Prescriptive Treatment which is a combination of different Dermalogica products to treat the oily and dry zones of my skin.


Photo Credit : Dermalogica

Next, my face was exfoliated with the Daily Microfoliant, which is a unique rice-based enzyme powder, which is to brighten the face by removing dead skin cells. This was not too gritty on my face and felt really good. Then some gentle steam was used on my face to get ready for the next step.

Now came the “fun” part, Extractions. The therapist was really gentle in removing all the white-heads on my face. Luckily, I had no blackheads at all, so YAY for that! Post extraction, a mediBac toner was put to calm any redness and minimize pores, which was followed by the most relaxing face massage done with an oil-free moisturizer.
Separate mediBac concentrates were then applied to my t-zone and cheeks. These concentrates have specific ingredients like tea tree to target acne, but not dry out the skin. Once absorbed, the Sebum Clearing Masque was applied, which is specifically for combination skin; this helps to control the oiliness of the t-zone and hydrate the skin. This mask did not harden (and therefore did not suck out the moisture from the face) and was left for 20 minutes on my face, while she gave me a shoulder massage.

Once the mask was removed, C-12 Concentrate was put which helps to brighten up the skin. This was followed by the Intensive Moisture Balance moisturizer to re-balance the skin’s moisture levels and Solar Defense Booster to protect from any UV rays.


IMG_2982I loved how hydrated my skin felt, but not oily to the touch. I did have some redness on my forehead and nose, where extractions were done; but the therapist assured me the redness would fade in a day or two (which is typical for all facials).

For me, the redness was completely gone on Day 2. My skin felt smoother and healthier, with my active acne substantially reduced! And a week after, I got comments that my skin looked a lot clearer and was glowing!


I have done a lot of facials in the last few years, and the one thing that struck me most during the Dermalogica Facial is that none of the products irritated my skin a single bit! Their face mapping method definitely has me sold; I mean targeting different areas of the skin in one facial is not something I have seen a lot of spas do.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the results of the Dermalogica Facial Treatment and will definitely be going back next month because I am in love with my natural glow!

Discount Code and Price Details

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SPECIAL OFFER: When you book for 3 sessions of Dermalogica treatments, you get 1 session of complimentary Facial treatment along with 1 complimentary session of Mani-Pedicure!!

Location: 18th Street,Behind Move N Pick Hotel,Oud Metha Road
Contact: 04 358 2000 or http://www.reshumalhotra.com/

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