Quattro – Every Vegetarian’s Paradise


Well known for its quality vegetarian food and for pushing all traditional food boundaries in Mumbai, Quattro Ristorante opened its doors in Dubai last December and has been the talk of town ever since! It is the first of its kind to serve an all vegetarian Italian and Mexican menu in Dubai.

Let me be honest, I am an ardent fan of meat. My weekends are incomplete without a burger or grilled chicken. But, Quattro has such a varied menu that even the pickiest non-vegetarian would be able to find something that they would love to eat! In short, there is something for everyone! They are also extremely popular for their use of molecular gastronomy and edible drinks.

When you walk into Quattro, you feel like as if you’ve been transported to a small outdoor place in Italy. The interiors are blue and yellow, making it look chic and elegant. That pretty tree with the hanging lights adds a very calming vibe to the place. It definitely is a restaurant that stands out for its unique interiors and fine dining ambience.

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I have been to Quattro a few times since it has opened, so this is an exhaustive review of all my favorite dishes there. And as I said before, there is something for everyone at Quattro!

With a vast variety of drinks, including virgin mojitos, iced teas, smoothies and more; it gets very overwhelming to pick one. But rest assured, all of them are really good. My number one favorite is the Classic Mojito [AED 23], that is served in mason jars with cotton candy (as the sweetener) that dissolves when the soda is poured. This is just so fun to watch and even more yum to drink.

My other favorite here is the Very Berry Smoothie [AED 26]; this is so berry-licious and the best part is you get to scoop out and eat part of it with a spoon! It’s like a drink and dessert in one. This drink is a must have for all you berry lovers out there!


Classic Mojito


Very Berry Smoothie

Now, let’s talk about the food. Quattro offers a total of 24 appetizers! I mean that is a lot for someone to choose from. So, hopefully my top 4 make your life a little easy.

  1. Risotto Palle [AED 41]


These were soft cheesy, cream risotto balls, crumbed and fried served with chili oil pipettes. This is my absolute favorite! It is so soft to eat; it practically melts in your mouth and can be adjusted to your spice level. This dish is always gone in seconds when it comes to the table. I want some now, just writing about it!

  1. Taquitos [AED 47]


This dish is served in shot glasses which contain tiny fried tortilla cones that are filled with beans, jalapeños and tomato salsa. This is topped with a small scoop of avocado ice-cream, which I have to say is the best thing I have ever tasted! I should also let you know that the tortilla is gluten-free, so it is a healthy version of tacos (YAY!). This is another perfect Mexican starter that I always order.

  1. Corn Cakes Avocado Salsa [AED 41]


For all you corn lovers, this is a must-eat-dish. This is grilled corn topped with sour cream and guacamole. This is another yummy and flavorful dish. It is soft to eat and has the same texture as an ‘aloo tikki’ that we make at home.

  1. Filo Parcels [AED 46]


Another one with corn! These are baked filo pastry filled with spiced corn and olives. They are crispy in taste and the filling is another yummy Quattro creation.


The main course section of the menu offers pizzas, pastas, different styles of rice, as well as the basic Mexican dishes like fajitas, quesadillas and burritos. These are just a handful of dishes that I have tried and loved, but they don’t even cover one-fourth of the menu.

  1. Margherita Upside Down [AED 56]


Quattro offers a wide range of pizzas ranging from a Mediterranean Italian to a burrito pizza. But, I am a Margherita girl since I was little! So, when I read the name of this dish, I had to try it. This is a yummy classic with a twist! It tastes exactly like a Margherita but the mozzarella cheese goes before the tomato sauce.

  1. Ravioli Rose [AED50]


Simply put, these are pasta sheets stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a plum tomato cream sauce. I do not have much to say about this dish, except that you cannot leave Quattro if you don’t eat this! It is creamy and the filling is so delicious. I can assure you that you will definitely order one more after finishing the first one. Best ravioli ever!

  1. Gnocchi Paprika [AED 50]


I love Gnocchi! So this one I had to order and I am glad I did. It is gnocchi tossed in garlic cream spiced with chili flakes, with olives, cherry tomatoes and broccoli. The gnocchi was perfect, which is very rare. It was not extra thick neither did it fall apart. The sauce added a lot of flavor; it was a perfect dish.

  1. Jalapeno Riso with Grilled Cottage Cheese [AED 53]


This is exactly what the name of the dish says. It is spicy rice with grilled paneer, served with pepper sauce and French fries on the side. I loved this dish; it was a nice Mexican twist to the traditional paneer and rice. This is another scrumptious main course enough for two people.

  1. Spinach Riso with Vegetable Paprika [AED 53]


Now spinach is generally not my favorite. So, I was really surprised that I liked this dish. The spinach rice was amazing and the creamy paprika sauce just added that oomph factor to it.

  1. Risotto Funghi [AED 59]

img_7269Every mushroom lover will rejoice while eating this. This is perfectly cooked rice with creamy shitake mushrooms, oregano and parmesan. It is drizzled with truffle oil, which added more flavor to this already appetizing dish. One of the best risottos I have ever eaten!


We can finally talk about everybody’s favorite part of eating at a restaurant…desserts! Quattro’s selction of desserts are all eggless and gelatin free, which means healthy and pure vegetarian. All the desserts are exceptionally prepared and presented. Any of them would be the absolute textbook conclusion to a meal!

  1. Tiramisu [AED 52]


Let’s start with everyone’s favorite Italian classic, Tiramisu. This is a naked tiramisu; you can see all the elements of it, which are the ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese and coffee in the form of caviar. This is my No.1 dessert to order at any Italian restaurant, but more so at Quattro because it is so light and not too creamy.

  1. Chocolate Saturn & Hot Chocolate Soup [AED 59]



I loved the presentation of this dessert…so simple and elegant. This is a chocolate mousse filled chocolate shell served on frozen chocolate sand with orange and mango jello scattered. Hot chocolate is poured over it for the shell to break. This is for anyone who is a major chocolate fan and it is so very tasty!

  1. Hazelnut Mousse, candied hazelnut & popcorn [AED 59]


A popular dish with all; this dish is one of the best I have had. It has so many elements all coming together to create a tantalizing taste that you will love. It is served with Belgian chocolate ice-cream. You won’t stop eating this till it is finished, that’s a guarantee!

  1. Chocolate Cigars [AED 52]


The presentation of this dish was the best! With all the smoke coming out of the dish, it totally looks like smoky cigars. The cigars are made of salted caramel mousse and hazelnut mousse. It is served with French vanilla ice-cream. The taste was as good as the presentation. So yummy and delectable, this was another one I couldn’t stop eating.

  1. Tres Leches [AED 55]


Tres Leches is a classic Mexican cake, which is very popular. Quattro serves it in its deconstructed form: moist mini sponges with cream, powdered milk, vanilla ice cream and coconut shavings. This is a divine dessert, and will make any person pray for more when it is over.

That’s all! These are my favorite dishes at Quattro Ristorante so far. I promise to do another review when I have had more of the menu.

Overall, Quattro Ristorante delivers a fine dining experience with a lot of surprise and grandeur in their dishes. Every dish has a twist and is presented in unique ways. With their exhaustive menu, any person will be able to eat their most favorite Italian or Mexican dishes that they love the Quattro way.


P.S. Quattro recently launched a selection of egg-less cakes that can be made to order! The Chocolate Ganache cake would definitely be my recommendation.


Quattro Ristorante is located opposite Sharaf DG, Kuwait Road, Mankhool.
Opening hours: Lunch- 12:00PM – 3:30PM, Dinner- 6:30PM – 11:30PM, everyday.
You can reach them at 04 393 1233.


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