The Tea Cup – Nothing Short Of A Trip To Wonderland


Growing up in Dubai, all of us definitely have a fondness for Emirati food, from Shawarmas to Paratha Rolls and everything in between! So, when I was invited to review The Tea Cup, I was definitely excited to try the food. 

Upon entering The Tea Cup, the first thing I noticed was the cute and cozy interiors; the colorful chairs and wooden ceilings with a hint of nature. The colors add a lot of vibrance, giving it a very modern, but playful look. I also love the idea of the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling; it just added to the charm of this quaint, little café. They even have outdoor seating, if you would like to enjoy this beautiful chilly weather we are having lately.

The Tea Cup offers a variety of Emirati foods like Rigag, Chebab, Khamir, Shawarma and a range of beverages, from hot tea to milkshakes. Their menu is very extensive, including a section for grilled food as well.

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The staff was extremely cordial and welcoming. We immediately were given menus as soon as we were seated. When asked what their most popular dish was, they told us to order the Pizza Rigag (AED 23). And, we were so glad we did!

‘Rigag’ is a type of Arabic bread which is made on a flat frying surface. There are different filling options to choose from. But, we opted for the Pizza filling, which is equivalent to the toppings on a Chicken Pizza (capsicum, olives, cheese & chicken). I think it was one of the best things I have eaten in my life, and I was wondering why someone hadn’t introduced me to this sooner! This is best eaten hot, obviously, and it just melts in your mouth! The bread was not too crunchy and it definitely gave us the taste of a Pizza.


How yummy does this look!


And it’s plated like a Pizza too!

Just before we could think of eating more, we decided to order one of their Neon Drinks, which is a new addition to their revamped menu. I called for the blue one; its name was Cactus Blue with 7UP (AED 18). This drink honestly tasted like Skittles, and I love Skittles, so this was a yummy drink according to me!


Tasted just like Skittles!

Next up, we ordered the Chicken Seekh Kebab (AED 18). The chicken was tender and tasted delicious. This dish is one that most Emirati restaurants serve perfectly, and so did The Tea Cup. Definitely, a place I would recommend if you are craving kebabs at any time of day.


Chicken Kebabs…always a favorite!

At this point, we were actually full. But, how could we not order an Oman Chips Paratha Roll (AED 6). You can’t say you have been to an Emirati café, if you haven’t ordered this during your meal! The Oman Chips Paratha Roll definitely gave another plus point to this place, since it was flawlessly made. The proportion of cheese to chips was perfect, and it made my heart sing!



We ended the meal with dessert in the form of the Nutella Chebab (AED 7). Chebab is the Arabic version of a pancake. They offer a variety of fillings for this as well, from savory to sweet. Nutella was the obvious and perfect choice for us! This dish, too, tasted really light and scrumptious.


The perfect dish to end our meal…

Just before we left this place, we ordered their Karak Saffron Tea (AED 6), so that we could enjoy it on our ride back home. I am extremely fussy when it comes to Tea, so when I say this tea was impeccable, I mean it!


Zaafran Tea after a truly amazing meal.

Overall, I had a fantastic time eating and reviewing the food here. I loved all the food that I tried, even the ‘skittles’ tasting drink. My recommendation is obviously the Pizza Rigag, because well how could you not eat something that tastes so damn good and looks so delectable! So, please do stop by at The Tea Cup whenever you are in Jumeirah; I promise you will not regret it.

It is open till 4am, so I definitely see myself going back here on the weekend after a night out for some Pizza Rigag and Karak Chai!

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Can’t wait to go here again!

The Tea Cup is located opposite Mashreq Bank on Jumeirah Road (Umm Suqeim).
Opening hours are from 7.30AM to 4AM, everyday.
Paid parking is available on the road right outside. 
You can reach them at 04-3479558.

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