‘SoH’ Cute!


Since my birthday was coming up, I decided to get some amazing nail art done. And when I think of the best nail art salon in Dubai, I think of SoH Art+Beauty

The salon’s interiors are white, with a lot of canvas paintings to add a beautiful pop of color to the place. It is so beautifully made and immediately makes me feel good! It gives a very calming vibe and is quiet so you can relax while you get pampered.


Love their interiors!

This is one of my most favorite salons in Dubai. From the moment you enter, you feel so welcomed! The prompt and friendly staff greets you and takes you to their already prepared nail or hair station for the service you asked for. SoH Dubai uses Redken products for hair and CND for nails.


CND nail colors


Redken products for hair

The service I would most recommend is nails, which is what they are best known for. Their nail artists are extremely talented and can pretty much paint anything you want on your nails!


SoH’s Signature Nail Art Designs

This past Friday, I tried out their newly introduced Snow White Manicure [AED 185] & Pedicure [AED 220]. Everything about this service was all white and the presentation was so beautiful. The products, all white of course, are presented on this beautiful silver tray.


Nail Station prepped and ready

They soak your hands and feet in hot water with ice and another substance, which creates this magical white smoke. I felt like I was in a fairy-tale. It was just so pretty!


So magical!


Doesn’t this look amazing?


Pampering Session in Progress

Once, they did their manicure and pedicure, they then exfoliated my hands and feet. Afterward a white mask was put on, to brighten the skin, for a few minutes while my hands and feet were wrapped in warm towels. This was very relaxing and I instantly saw my skin glowing once they had washed the mask off. They continued with a short massage and then it was time for my nail art.


Deciding what nail art I want

I opted to have owls done on one nail of each hand. Below is a video of the nail art being done and as I said before, their nail artists are absolutely amazing!!


Can I get Owls on my nails please?

I was extremely satisfied with the way the owl nail art turned out. They looked super cute…just the way I wanted for my birthday!


‘SoH’ Cute!

In addition to the services they provide for hair and nails, they are also famous for painting bags, clothing and even shoes.


SoH Dubai artists can paint on pretty much anything.


This is so rad!

I had such a great time at SoH Dubai; they treated me like a queen! I was offered coffee and a complimentary shoulder massage as well. I would definitely recommend this place to any one who wants to be pampered for a special occasion and get nail art done by the best artists in Dubai.


Location: Galleria Mall, Wasl Road

Contact:  http://soh.ae/welcome/


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