Boots & Chill



This winter weather got me wearing all my favorite jackets and sweaters. However, Dubai is a little unforgiving sometimes, because at a moment’s notice the weather can turn warm. And you need jackets that can manage days when the weather is extremely indecisive.

One of my favorites, for those kinds of Dubai days, is this gorgeous, grey, extremely soft drape jacket from H&M. The sheep skin is only on the border of the jacket, so the rest of it is pretty light and airy. So, it gives you that warm, cozy feeling for those cold nights, but at the same time doesn’t over heat you!

I wore a black razor-back bodysuit under the jacket. Bodysuits are all the rage now, because they keep your tummy in and make you look flawless. This particular one is from Garage (my favorite store for basic tees). Bodysuits are also very easily available in Forever 21, H&M, Bershka and Topshop.

I paired it with my much loved pair of stretchy jeans from Topshop. Topshop is one of the few places that have petite sizes for a shortie like me; therefore, I don’t have to get the length cut at all!

This whole outfit screams black boots, and that’s exactly what I wore. My black boots are from Zappos, which is an online site selling all types of shoes. I also carried my Louis Vuitton navy blue bag to add to this denim ensemble. I wore my flower ring from Sadivas Jewels and earrings from Outhouse Jewellery to add some bling to this outfit; this way I can totally wear it for a slightly formal night out as well.




Hope you enjoyed this semi-formal winter outfit that I put together. And please do let me know what your favorite jackets are to wear this winter season.

Get this look:

Drape Jacket – H&M

Bodysuit – Garage

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Zappos

Ring – Sadivas Jewels

Earrings – Outhouse Jewellery (available at Minerali Store in Mumbai)


Styled by : Cheyenne Rodricks

Makeup : Flores Melanie

Photo Credits : Leila Media

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