Snowflakes & Diapers


This past Saturday, my family and I had the pleasure of hosting my sister’s baby shower. Our idea was to create a Winter Wonderland  to celebrate the arrival of our little snowflake that is due very soon!

Let’s start with what everyone does when an event is decided; create a pretty invite. I used Canva (an online invite maker) to create this cute and colorful invite. Since our theme meant that a lot of the elements would be white; we decided to keep a dress code of pastel colors for our guests.


The venue chosen for my sister’s baby shower was Majestic Hotel Tower in Bur Dubai, Dubai. It was a beautiful open outdoor area which gave us a lot of flexibility for any decorations we wanted to do. The hotel also provided us with catering of the food. At the entrance, we put these Pink and Blue boxes with “Baby” signs on each of them.

We had white snowflakes, which we bought from Daiso and Party Centre, and placed them on all the pillars. The big white stars and smaller silver snowflakes were hung between the pillars, and they looked beautiful while moving in the amazing breeze we were having that day.


The table chairs had alternated pink and blue ribbons, while the table’s centerpiece was a tall jar with fake snow inside it and cute signs saying “It’s a Boy!” and “Team Girl”. We also put some fake white snow around the jar. It was simple, elegant and totally on point with our winter theme.


We had the hotel serve mocktails in feeder bottles and mason jars, which was a very simple and cute element that added to the baby shower theme.

My family also made props for all the guests to use to take photos or selfies with the mommy-to-be!


These prop captions are adorable!

There were a lot of fun activities for the guests to do as well. At the entrance, we had a scrapbook station, where each person could take a Polaroid photo with the Mommy-to-be and write a cute message for her. There was a jar kept with pink and blue paper for people to suggest baby names and a huge feeder bottle filled with M&Ms for guests to guess how many were in there. The giveaways for the activities and the games were chocolates in decorated mason jars, which are shown in the photo as well.


Scrapbook station


Guess the number of M&Ms in the feeder bottle

We played a total of two games:

  1. Draw My Baby– We passed around paper plates and pens to all the guests. Within 90 seconds, they had to draw what my sister’s baby would look like by keeping the paper on their forehead. My sister then went around and picked the two best drawings.
  2. Baby Babble– This is basically unscramble the words and all the words were baby-related. We had a time limit of 3 minutes for this as well. This game is very easily available online.

Unscrambling Baby Babble

For the cake, we went for a simple pink and blue two-tier with snowflakes all over. This was made by the extremely talented Cake Story in Dubai.


Isn’t this cake just the cutest?

And finally, let’s talk about what the mommy-to-be and I wore. My sister wore a fabulous red gown specially made for her from Vidis Kloset. Being the aunt, I obviously bought a brand new dress. I picked up this beautiful white and pink dress from Coast, that is very known for their pretty gowns and dresses.

We were really happy with the way this baby shower turned out; all pretty and snow-flaky! More importantly, my gorgeous sister absolutely loved it. She also had instant memories to take back with her through the scrapbook!



Hope this article helps a lot of you planning any baby showers for your friends or family members. For any other further details about planning a baby shower, please feel free to contact me.


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